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I'm a data analyst currently study in
Prudeu Krannert BAIM program.

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Hi, I'm Yen.

I have five years of experience in a data-driven position. One year as a demand and supply planner and four years experience as a financial analyst in the FMCG industry.

While I was a financial analyst, I worked closely with the marketing and sales team to manage and evaluate their activation investment by the ROI model.

Besides, provide the multi-faceted strategies by translated data in the financial report, which motivated the decision team to follow the season's financial goal and corporate direction.

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2015 Bachelor Degree Quantitative Finance 2017 Demand and Supply Planner Avon - Supply Chain 2021 Fiancial Analyst Avon - FP&A 2022 Master Degree Purdue Krannert BAIM Data Analystt


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Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn. All my works will be upload to Github. Send me an email at if you have any question.